About us - Lin & Dom

We love to shoot love, mostly without an arrow.

We met in a common friend’s wedding as the primary & secondary wedding photographer 5 years ago, that’s the first time we work together as a team and we were enjoying it. After that we shot several wedding alone or work with someone we don’t know personally, we both find it’s really hard to work with stranger, either they jumped into your frame at the most important & unique moment of the wedding or the final product didn’t match to each other aesthetically. To work alone, we still enjoy it, but no matter how hard we work and how well we prepared, there always will be some part of the wedding we can’t cover, most importantly, we just don’t like the feeling to work alone and travel alone^.^


Every time when we work together, the shot will be done smoothly as we have a same aesthetic sensibility but view in a different way, we just know how to work with each other to make sure we don’t miss every moment of your wedding. Lin got married 4 years ago and Dom got married 3 years ago, so we know exactly how important your wedding day is to you and all the effort and worry that goes into planning every single detail. We love working with couples to make sure that your photography/videography is one aspect of the day where you don’t need to worry.


As Christian, we believe that marriage is holy, glory and a blessing from God and he would like to witness your big day, so we want to capture all of the detail, the fun and most importantly, the most glory moment of your wedding day in a fresh and contemporary style. Our vision for the day is always to tell your story through our lens and every time you look back your wedding photo/video, you will praise the Lord.


We edit all of our own work from capturing it to when you receive the final product. We believe that you don’t just hire us to take the photos but you also hire us as artists which means we put our custom touches on every photo you receive. 80% of being a photographer is how you edit and we take that very serious. We strive to learn and grow as photographers and are very picky about our end product that our clients receive. We have a lot of experience in wedding, portrait, fashion, commercial and editorial work. We love people, we like taking photos and we are blessed to do what we do. If our work connects with you, it’s likely we would successfully make a good fit. Call us or send us an email for more package information, pricing or just to find out more about us. We strive to make your investment in our Photography&Videography services special, unique and fun!